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We can organize beer based weekends in Maremma with brewery visit, dinner or lunches with beer-pairing, even brew a beer together.

Birrificio artigianale de' Neri MaremmaDE' NERI BREWERY IN TUSCANY
After growing grains in the rural Maremma region of Tuscany for three generations, the Neri family decided to expand their production and take their efforts one step further. Keeping in mind the desire to share their enthusiasm for the crops produced in sunny Val di Cornia, in 2012 with much research and effort, the artisanal brewery, Birrificio de’Neri, was created.
Settled in the hills of the ancient farm of San Ottaviano, the small brewery dominates the barley fields below. After the harvest, the precious barley is brought up to the brewery where it is transformed into malt. This then gives rise to the color, body and foam of the unrivaled Birra de’Neri. Simple fresh ingredients worked by hand in small batches give birth to a natural refreshing product that can’t be beat!


La Bionda
From the first taste, the fluffy and compact foam goes hand in hand with the sweet notes of La Bionda, which develop with a delicate honeyed scent and fine herbal notes for contrast.
Suggested pairings: fish based-dishes, white meats and vegetables.
Serving temperature: 6 – 8 ° C
Style: American Pale Ale
IBU: 18
EBC: 11
Alc.: 5,6°


La Rossa
The foam on La Rossa is generous, persistent and homogeneous. Upon tasting, it is possible to discern fruity characteristics, herbal notes and a delicate toasted finish.
Suggested pairings: grilled meats and aged cheeses.
Serving temperature: 6 – 8 ° C
Stile: Belgian Pale Ale
IBU: 22
EBC: 22
Alc.: 5,6°

La Tipa
Amber colored beer, bitter but at the same time very aromatic and fragrant.
Upon tasting, the three hop varieties give a bouquet of aromas, including a strong scent of exotic fruit and citrus.
Suggested pairings:: Lobster and other shellfish, “alternative” red meat.
Serving temperature: 6 – 8 ° C
Stile: Indian Pale Ale
IBU: 40
EBC: 10
Alc.: 6,5°

The Brewery is part of a Farm with an agriturismo and a restaurant.
We can organize beer based weekends with brewery visit, dinner or lunches with beer-pairing, even brew a beer together.
This can be a nice experience with family, friends and with pets, too.
Discover all the steps to transform a little seed to your favourite drink.
During your free time you can enjoy the relax of the Tuscany at our swimmingpool or have a walk in our fields.

Contact us for more informations.
We are waiting for you!

Birrificio artigianale de' Neri Maremma


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San Ottaviano is a small paradise immersed in the enchanting nature of Maremma Toscana, located at the converging point of the provinces of Grosseto, Livorno, and Pisa.

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