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Wine tasting in Chianti

Villa Dievole offers wine, grapes and olive oil tasting in Chianti

Villa Dievole wine tasting in ChiantiDievole's Wine World
The Dievole Agricultural Company S.p.A. comprises 400 hectares of land, of which 85 are cultivated as vineyards.
Our production ranges from the red IGT, Chianti Classico DOCG and Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG to products such as grappa, olive oil and Vin Santo.
Since the 1980s our Villa, with the main building dating from the Renaissance, has been remodelled to offer our guests a "home from home" in Chianti.

Dievole covers an area of 400 hectares within the Chianti Classico territory in Vagliagli, about 12 km north of Siena. Beginning from 450 meters above sea level, the medieval hamlet where Villa Dievole is perched, overlooks the valley in which the estate slopes down to the southeast in gentle rolling hills ending at an altitude of around 300 meters.
A long cypress-lined avenue leads to the heart of the estate; a stunning Tuscan panorama opens, and from there a dense network of white roads alternates with olive trees, vineyards and farmhouses. It is an unforgettable landscape in which Nature, History and Culture, together with centuries of man’s work, create a beautiful land that enchants the world.
Here wine and extra virgin olive oil have been produced for nearly a thousand years, often struggling with a difficult climate. The “Chiantigiano” microclimate makes no exceptions for Dievole, where the winters are harsh and often snowy, and, after a few months of spring tranquility, are followed by hot and sunny summers. Only at the end of September does the sun turn mild and the temperatures go down; slowly the landscape turns ablaze with autumn colors.
But, long ago, at Dievole the seasons and human activity achieved balance, and today the estate is a harmonious environment in which quality is found in every gesture.

At Dievole, the soil, the climate and human experience make Chianti Classico unique, a legacy of the long history that Dievole is responsible for passing on to future generations.
Currently there are 80 hectares of vineyards, of which 55 are in production. They are situated at an average altitude of 350 meters above sea level and divided into 16 plots – all connected to each other. Each plot has a specific profile mirroring the soil, the exposure and the microclimate. Another 25 hectares will be going into production over the next few years, reaching a total of 80 hectares.
These vineyards – keeping in line with the characteristics of the Chianti Classico region – feature calcareous soil with abundant skeleton (pebbles and stones) as well as clay, sand and marl. Obviously, given the vastness of the vineyards, the soils differ significantly from one end to the other, giving the wine a delightful mosaic of nuances.
Most of the area is planted with Sangiovese, but other traditional vines from Tuscany and from the Chianti Classico area are also present, such as Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, as well as varieties of white grapes such as Trebbiano, and Malvasia Bianca in San Colombano.
Dievole’s objective, starting with its own vineyard, is to recover the character of the historically indigenous Tuscan grapes and transfer them into the glass with the utmost respect for the authenticity of the terroir and varietal identity.

Villa Dievole wine tasting in ChiantiWINE TASTINGS
Our sommeliers will be delighted to welcome you to the Terrace where they will guide you in a tasting tour of our products: Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva, Toscana IGT wines, Vinsanto and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.
If wine is your passion, or you want to spend a special afternoon, then we recommend booking an exclusive tour: it will be just you and the sommelier!
The guided tour lasts about an hour and includes:
a visit to the chapel and the cellars
a tasting of four wines accompanied by nibbles
an oenological, cultural and historical explanation of the Dievole Estate

Olive Crops & Olive Mill
Dievole has olive trees in Tuscany and throughout Italy. This priceless heritage of genetically unique plants, often handed down throughout the centuries, is the starting point for developing a product line of high-quality extra virgin olive oil with a strong identity.
Everything comes from the raw material: without quality olives, an excellent extra virgin oil cannot be produced. For this reason, at Dievole, each olive grove follows precise processing schedules. The goal is to bring to light oils that would otherwise be lost, and to enhance the aromas and flavors of unique oils of extraordinary sensory worth.
At harvest time, each production batch has its own ID card, guaranteeing absolute traceability to ensure the full expression of a given territory, whether related to DOP Chianti Classico, the Tuscan IGP or a 100% Italian oil.


Dieulele Riserva DOCG

Dieulele Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG was created when two men paid two capons, three loaves of bread and six silver dinars for the promise of the Divine: a vine of Dievole, known at the time as Dieulele – divine valley – almost a thousand years ago. For centuries, men and earth worked together in harmony, trusting one another, to give the world a wine that embodies all the joy of an ever-renewed tradition.

Villa Dievole wine tasting in ChiantiNovecento Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG
This Wine represents 900 years of human history at Dievole, a history begun in 1090 and celebrated with the first harvest of the Novecento Riserva Chianti Classico DOCG in 1990. We are proud to be participants in this endless journey, to which we dedicate this wine with the objective of creating a vision that will continue after we are gone.

La Vendemmia Chianti Classico DOCG
Vendemmia Chianti Classico DOCG represents more than just an area. Nature, people, traditions: the magic of Chianti Classico reveals itself to the world in all its beauty; even before it is seen, it should be savored in the aromas, flavors and tastes of its wines.
It’s a lifestyle in a bottle

Certosa di Pontignano DOCG 2007
Dievole, together with Siena University, has committed itself to reclaiming the area of the Certosa di Pontignano to rediscover the monastic farming tradition. This project led to the rebirth of Chianti Classico DOCG. The Certosa di Pontignano is the taste of a new life.

Broccato IGT
Broccato IGT represents the passion of nature, man and knowledge. Dievole’s heart remains in Chianti Classico, but it is our desire to express ourselves in diverse ways, and by doing so telling the world who we are. Dievole thus becomes a messenger of the importance of a land that needs to be savored.

Divertimento IGT
Divertimento IGT represents the identity of our approach. For every occasion, our flavor must be respected: the right restaurant, the right company, the right wine, the right handshake. Every Dievole winemaker leaves his gilt handprint on the Divertimento bottle, making it Inimitable. A gesture of profound respect for the one tasting it.

Rinascimento IGT
With this Rinascimento, Dievole manages to convey the personality of the land and people who have worked here for generations and who are worth knowing individually: straightforward, intelligent people, proud of their roots, who pour all their love for their land into what they make and produce through it.

Rosato di Sangiovese IGT
It takes know-how and passion to make a good rosé. The citrusy and white-fruit notes will add a touch of freshness and pleasure to your moments of relaxation.

Bianco di Dievole
The Bianco will be a message of sharing sent to you by us. You will discover how easy it is to communicate with someone far away through a glass of good wine. Let yourself be seduced by this wine’s freshness and floral and fruity aromas when you drink it as a relaxing aperitif.

Occhio di Pernice Vin Santo DOC

Grapes are dried on reed mats placed in a well-ventilated place. Afterwards, the juice is placed in chestnut 50 lt sealed casks containing the “mother” wine obtained by drawing off the previous vintage of Occhio di Pernice, where it ferments spontaneously.

Plenum Sextus Melange dei Vini Europei
This collaboration between two winemakers, in which Dievole is the protagonist, is reaching its sixth edition; in the past this has involved winemakers and grape varieties from Europe’s traditional winegrowing regions: from France to Italy, Spain to Portugal, Greece to Austria.

Vin Santodel Chianti Classico DOC
The must/wine remains in the cask for four years, undergoing a long, slow oxidation that gives the wine its unique characteristics.

Grappa di Chianti Classico
Dievole’s fine spirit is a steam distilled grappa made from the highest-quality pomace of Sangiovese grape from our estate vineyards. It is a young clear grappa with an intense but pleasant and vinous nose, enhanced by fresh summer berries and mayflower notes.

Villa Dievole wine tasting in Chianti


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Dievole is wrapped in a magical atmosphere in Chianti Classico in the heart of Tuscany.

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