Cycle along the most beautiful roads in the Sienese Chianti, Valdarbia and Valdorcia areas

L'Eroica : cyclotouristic rally held mainly on gravel roadsWhat is L'Eroica
"L'EROICA" is a period cyclotouristic rally held mainly on gravel roads, organized since 1997. It is a special "race" from every point of view. It proposes surroundings and scenes from the "heroic" times of cycling: dust or mud, no organized service, vintage refreshments, wonderful and demanding roads, great ability to adapt and to suffer.
We search for the authentic roots of the awesome popularity of that cycling world made by the giants of the roads, which created so much literary legends.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Cycling League of the UISP Siena.
Cycloamateurs and cyclotourists of both genders wishing to partecipate must have a valid racing licence released by the UISP, the FCI or any other Italian sports federation.
L'Eroica : cyclotouristic rally held mainly on gravel roadsForeign licenses are gladly accepted. Riders not holding a licence are accepted but they have to sign in for a one-day licence/insurance at the cost of three Euros. There is no need for a medical clearance.

The courses
The course of "L' Eroica" winds through some of the most beautiful roads of the Chianti, Valdarbia and Valdorcia, some of them still on unpaved surfaces ("strade bianche") which make possible to relive the atmosphere of "heroic" times of cycling.

L'Eroica : cyclotouristic rally held mainly on gravel roadsThe "long" course is 205 kms and is marked with permanent signs, installed in cooperation with Siena Provincial Council and Siena Tourism Agency.

There are arrows indicating the right directions at all crossings and signs indicating the distance to the nearest towns every 5 kms.

The signs cover both the "long" and "medium" (135 kms) courses, while the "short" and "cyclotouristic" courses are not covered.


L'Eroica : Percorrere in bici le strade più belle della zona del Chianti senese, della Valdarbia e della Valdorcia

Crete Senesi : discover the area

  • Asciano Asciano
    The city of Asciano is on high ground in the upper Ombrone valley, on the old Via Lauretana.
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  • Monte Oliveto Maggiore abbey Monte Oliveto Maggiore abbey
    Monte Oliveto Maggiore is a Congregation, found in a marvellous spot just south of Siena, in what is characteristic of this countryside, the crete senesi.
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  • Buonconvento Buonconvento
    The circuit of strong defense walls, the architectural style of which recalls that of Siena, once enclosed the entire village of Buonconvento like a cocoon around a butterfly.
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  • Crete Senesi Crete Senesi
    The territory of Crete Senesi contains all of those things which we have come to associate with Tuscany
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  • Rapolano Terme Rapolano Terme
    In the Middle Ages the territory of Rapolano Terme was part of the properties of the Counts of the Scialenga who dominated over the main castle of the area.
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  • San Giovanni d'Asso San Giovanni d'Asso
    San Giovanni d'Asso is located from the hill dominating the valley of the Asso torrent the Crete and offer a magic and atmospheres of a pure and perfumed land.
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  • Bibbiano Castle Bibbiano Castle
    The Bibbiano castle was the property of the Longobard Count Guinigi di Reghinari at the time of Ludovico II.
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  • Monteroni d'Arbia Monteroni d'Arbia
    Monteroni today still expresses the vitality of this land, thanks to considerable craft production and the traditional market.
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