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Fair of Saracino

From 2014-6-21 To 2014-9-7 in Arezzo

The Giostra del Saracino is a knightly game, that the evolution of an exercise of military training sinks its roots in the Middle Age.

Eventi in Toscana Giostra del Saracino di Arezzo giostra, saracino, arezzo, Giostra del Saracino, edizione, 2007, eventi, toscana, evento, novità, manifastazioni, sportive, culturali, rievocativa, giostra, saracino, arezzo, medioeveo, esercizio, addestramento, bellico, militare, lancia, saracino, arezzoThe Giostra del Saracino is a knightly game, that the evolution of an exercise of military training sinks its roots in the Middle Age. It's a simulation of the war crash, saw a nozzle knight armed to face an independent one like to the enemy the Christian West: the Arab, the unfaithfull, the Saracino exactly. In the Middle Age society fairs and tournaments they were the means with which the appreciate events were celebrated more.

About the tournaments and fairs seen in Arezzo, Dante Alighieri speaks, to the beginning of the XXII Canto of hell capitol. The games with the lances (hastiludia), unwound in the city to celebrate the happy result of a diplomatic mission in earth of France, he is spoken instead to two letters addressed avignonese to the curia in November 1331 from the Worm-holed ones, gentlemen of Arezzo.
Restored in 1931 in form of historical rievocation. Preceded by a many colored historical procession, that lines up for the streets of the city over 250 figurantis, the tournament it is developed in the suggestive frame of Great plaza. Here, after evolutions equestrian and virtuous exhibitions of the Sbandieratoris of the city of Arezzo, the riders of the Districts of Door Crucifera, Hands some Hole, Hands S. Andrea and Door S. Spirito they are launched to the gallop against an armored automaton (the sieve of the Saracino) and armed with scourge, represent the Saracen “Sieve, King of Indies.” Numerous the sensations, determined by the ability by the courage and by the fortune of the riders. It wins the couple of game-man that, in to strike the shield of the Saracino, it realizes the greatest I punctuate. In case of parity it is resorted to the differences. To the winning District she is assigned “gold lance” on purpose created for every merry-go-round and therefore never equal.

The Giostra del Saracino is taken place on the last but one Saturday of June and the first Sunday of Sept.

Giostra del Saracino - 2014
Sabato 21 June 2014 - 21,30

Domenica 7 Settembre 2014 ore 17,00

More information:
Istituzione Giostra del Saracino c/o Comune di Arezzo
Phone 0575/377462
fax 0575/377464
Email: giostradelsaracino@comune.arezzo.it

Fair of Saracino

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