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Monastery of San Vivaldo

The monastery of San Vivaldo is certainly bound up with a succession of the Franciscan's Office leaving here a notable trace.

The Franciscan Monastery of San VivaldoThe Holy mount of San Vivaldo in Tuscany, is one of the Holy Mount common in the north of Italy - like the holy mount of Varallo Sesia in Piedmont - builted between 1500 and 1600, which origin are dated back between 1185 and 1280, when the area was possessed by the friars of Normandy Cross and disputed by Castelfiorentino and San Miniato.
When Franciscan entered the old church of Camporena, in the place there was still devotion to Vivaldo Stricchi, a Blessed hermit whom veneration start to be diffused when since he has been found - in miraculous circumstances - in the trunk of a chestnut he used as home when he was alive.
In 1325, the place where he died, was built a Chapel dedicated to Vivaldo, and than a monastry, and in 1355 a church that today is still possible to visit.
Since 1 st of may of 1500, after the establishment of a Franciscan Minor Friars settlement, they start to build a complex of chapels and churches reproducing the topography of the holy places of Jerusalem. Here the name "The Jerusalem of Tuscany".
The holy mount has been planned by the Franciscans that in that time were used to go on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land, in particular by Brother Tommaso da Firence and Brother Cherubino Conzi, that built first the monastery and then 25 chapels, helped in the task by local people in transporting stones necessary at the buildings from the river Egola to San Vivaldo.
The main purpose in building the chapels was the one to offer local people the choice to go on a pilgrimage without going to Jerusalem - that in this period was subjected by Turkish rule - and without an excessive expenses. In fact, there is a document of Pope Leone X (from the Medici's family) the acknowledgment of the Chapels as religious place and the granting of and indulgence to those who went there to pray.

The Franciscan Monastery
The monastery of San Vivaldo is certainly bound up with a succession of the Franciscan's Office leaving here a notable trace. During centuries the monastery has been enlarged to became the awesome building that today is still possible to admire.

The Church of San Vivaldo
The Church of San Vivaldo is located where once there was the chestnut tree where the 1 st of may of 1320 Vivaldo Stricchi was founded died, and that today it correspond at the chapel where is the Holy urn with his reliquary.
Today, what we can still admire the result of an enlargement of the original church, made between 1326 and 1355 and consecrated the 30 November 1416 (or 1410) by the Franciscan Bishop Fra' Antonio da Prato.

The Franciscan Monastery of San VivaldoThe Chapels of the Holy Mount
The chapels of the Holy Mount of San Vivaldo are dated back to the 16th century and still preserve at their internal statuary groups in terracotta that represent different episode of life and Passion of Jesus Christ.

Permanent exhibition
In an ex hayloft near the chapel of Monte Sion and the Monastery of San Vivaldo there is a permanent exhibition who represent the history and pictures of the Jerusalem of Tuscany.
In summertime is open every day from 10.00 to 19.00 and in wintertime on Saturday and on holidays from 10.00 to 18.30.

The exhibition is divided into 4 sections: "Life and tradition of the heremit Vivaldo", "rother tommaso from Florence and the Jerusalem of Tuscany", "an Vivaldo and Jerusalem" and "San Vivaldo, Varallo and the Franciscan tradition of Holy Mounts".

More information about San vivaldo
From April 1 to October 31 chapels of Holy Mount of San Vivaldo will be open during the following hours:
Working days: from 15:00 to 19.00
Holidays and Sundays from 10:00 to 19.00
From November 1 to March 31 you can visit the Holy Mount of San Vivaldo and chapels every day from 14:00 to 17:00.

The cost of the ticket, that you can buy directly on the spot, included a guided tour is only 3.50 euro. If you are a group you can book a visit to the Cultural Office of the City of Montaione, phone 0571/699267 or 0571/699252 from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00.

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Accommodations in the area

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    • 38 km from Montaione

    Villa Chianti 7 beds

    Villa Chianti is a private villa for rent in Chianti area with pool and garden that can accommodate up to 7 people.
    An oasis of peace and tranquility with views of the Chianti valleys not far from the main tourist attractions of Tuscany.

    Availability request

    • Lucca (Lucca)
    • 49 km from Montaione

    Historic Villa Lucca 12 beds pool

    Historic villa 14 km from the center of Lucca immersed in the green of the Tuscan vineyards and olive groves, it has a private swimming pool and a large park.
    Set on 350 square meters in a dominant position offers a unique view of the hills of Tuscany.

    Availability request

    • Bagno a Ripoli (Florence)
    • 52 km from Montaione

    Villa Valdarno 12 beds

    Villa Valdarno is a typical Tuscan farmhouse located in a secluded and peaceful area in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, among vineyards and olive groves, and enjoys a privileged panoramic view of the Florentine Valdarno.
    The ideal solution for groups of friends or acquaintances who wish to spend their holidays in Tuscany with the comforts of a detached villa with swimming pool and large garden.

    Availability request

    • Massarosa (Lucca)
    • 58 km from Montaione

    Stone Farmhouse Massarosa 8 beds pool

    Stone farmhouse in typical Tuscan style skilfully and elegantly renovated in a dominant position on the hills of Massarosa with spectacular views that reach the sea of Tuscany. The farmhouse has a swimming pool with whirlpool.
    Perfect solution for those that search the real authentic Tuscany staying in the hills but not far from the Versilia sea.

    Availability request

    • Viareggio (Lucca)
    • 59 km from Montaione

    Villa Torre del Lago 5 beds

    Typical Tuscan farmhouse for rent in Torre del Lago, Massaciuccoli area with 3 bedrooms and 5 beds, just 1 km from the Tuscany coast.
    Ideal solution for small groups or families looking for a villa for rent not far from the sea in a context of absolute privacy.

    Availability request

    • Massarosa (Lucca)
    • 61 km from Montaione

    Farmhouse Massarosa 14 beds pool

    Beautiful ancient Tuscan farmhouse completely renovated located on Tuscan hills 10 km from the golf course of Versilia. The villa can accommodate up to 14 people.
    An oasis of peace for those looking for a stay in the Tuscan hills while staying close to the sea. Perfect for a relaxing holiday in close contact with nature.

    Availability request

    • Camaiore (Lucca)
    • 63 km from Montaione

    Charming villa Tuscany coast 14 beds pool

    Eighteenth-century villa located in a picturesque area of the Tuscan hills at the foot of the Apuan Alps, the villa has a park with swimming pool and tennis court.
    The spacious suites of the villa embellished with charming details and enhanced by modern comforts will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

    Availability request

    • Camaiore (Lucca)
    • 63 km from Montaione

    Villa Pieve di Camaiore 8 beds pool

    Luxury and charming villa with swimming pool for rent surrounded by the green hills of Camaiore not far from the sea of the Tuscan coast.
    The villa is ideal for those looking for an oasis of absolute peace and relaxation guaranteed by the elevated position and the external fence in style.

    Availability request

    • Camaiore (Lucca)
    • 63 km from Montaione

    Villa Prato di Sopra Camaiore 10 beds pool

    This villa is really some thing special, perched on the top of a hill the views are endlessly breath taking.
    This villa is really some thing special, perched on the top of a hill the views are endlessly breath taking.

    Availability request

    • Camaiore (Lucca)
    • 63 km from Montaione

    Restored Farmhouse Camaiore 9 beds pool

    Beautiful fully restored farmhouse located on the hills of Camaiore. The villa is surrounded by a park of 2500 square meters in which is inserted the beautiful pool.
    Thanks to the dominant position on the valley from the farmhouse you can enjoy a beautiful 360 ° panoramic view.

    Availability request

    • Camaiore (Lucca)
    • 63 km from Montaione

    Villa Camaiore Hills 10 beds pool

    Villa located 3 km from the center of Camaiore in a quiet and sunny position 10 km from Tuscan sea.
    Ideal for those looking for a villa accommodation on the hills of Versilia a few miles from Tuscan sea.

    Availability request

    • Camaiore (Lucca)
    • 63 km from Montaione

    Villa Camaiore Hills 7 beds pool

    Wonderful villa with swimming pool surrounded by greenery, tranquility and privacy of the Pieve di Camaiore about 10 km from the sea of the Tuscan coast.
    The villa has all the comforts necessary to ensure an unforgettable stay in Tuscany and is the ideal solution for small groups up to 7 people who want to stay in the countryside but not far from the sea of Versilia.

    Availability request

    • Massarosa (Lucca)
    • 64 km from Montaione

    Villa Massarosa 10 beds pool

    Beautiful and spacious villa in the countryside located in the hills of Versilia, 3 km from the golden beaches of the Tuscan coast with private pool and park.
    Perfect solution to stay in the green hills of Tuscany, 3 km from the golden beaches of Versilia

    Availability request

    • Camaiore (Lucca)
    • 66 km from Montaione

    Countryhouse Camaiore 16 beds pool

    Ancient and charming country house located in Camaiore on the Tuscan hills and just 10 km from the sea of Versilia.
    The villa is the ideal solution for those looking for a solution of typical Tuscan charm and in a position of absolute tranquility and relaxation.

    Availability request

    • Camaiore (Lucca)
    • 67 km from Montaione

    Residenza d'Epoca I Pini

    Historical house HOTEL I PINI : In Lido di Camaiore in Tuscany 100 meters from the sea only, a place of serenity and charm in Versilia!
    The Residenza d'Epoca HOTEL I PINI is an ancient villa in 1900 in Liberty style, completely renovated which still has all the charm of the residence of the painter / Ceramist Galileo Chini.

    Booking ONLINE