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Tuscan cooking school in Montepulciano Siena

Discover the secrets of Tuscan cuisine by taking part in our cooking class in Montepulciano.

Tuscan cooking school in Montepulciano Siena
Discover the secrets of Tuscan cuisine by taking part in our cooking class in Montepulciano!

Kitchen has always been the fulcrum of this home, where my family is living since more than 7 generations.
I have always been fascinated by my grandmother's ability to prepare for us in the family or for the guests of our farm dishes of the most ancient Tuscan tradition, always with few, simple but precious ingredients.
That cultural heritage was in danger of disappearing: I spent a lot of time cooking with her trying to learn her recipes and secrets.
In the end, I realized that she had given me a bigger gift: I had assimilated her cooking philosophy!
Then, I realized that tradition is not a dusty book but a living thing able also to adapt to new conditions, and even improve.
I studied ingredient's seasonality, their sustainable production systems, new cooking techniques, techniques of tasting: almost without realizing it, in the meantime, I became Chef and finally, also Sommelier.
Since a lot of years, I decided to share this path: a long path that is not yet finished..."

cooking classes in Montepulciano Siena

Giacomo's Cooking School is aimed to adults (and children with at least 12 years, except for different agreements), guests staying in Agriturismo, or external guests.
Arriving with the wish to spend a pleasant day, you'll learn while having fun, in a cosy and friendly familiar atmosphere.
Our guests back home often with new friendships, but always with the awareness and the ability to know how to choose the best ingredients to prepare delicious dishes and how to match them with the right wines, to amaze family and friends.
We'll start around 10:00 am on our own terrace, with a gorgeous view on the Tuscan countryside. There, you will have the opportunity to meet the other classmates.

We'll move inside:
talking about of our organic farm, our vegetable garden, our sustainable production systems, I'll introduce the schedule for the day, assigning your work stations and giving you all the necessary to cook together.
I'll talk about the quality and genuineness of ingredients we will use.
"Good and Simple" is the base of our cooking philosophy: one of our intents is to give to you the "tools" to choose the best ingredients needed, when you will be back home.

Our lessons are dynamic and includes different experiences:
cooking lesson, cooking show, food tasting, wine tasting ... and last but not least, also the friendly and funny social experience, with the other classmates!

After about 3 hours of preparations, you will start to taste the 5 courses menù, that includes:
two types of fresh pasta: Pappardelle and Gnocchi (or Ravioli)
two sauces for pasta
a dish with the noble "Chianina beef" and vegetables
dessert (usually, our famous Tiramisù)

I'm also a Sommelier, so, paired to each dish you'll taste a different local wine that I have personally selected for your sensorial path.

The class will ends around 3:00 pm, sitting relaxed on our amazing terrace (depending the weather), enjoying the dessert and the gorgeous view!

Dietary requirements and food allergies: on booking, you must advise about any dietary requirement and/or food allergy.

Number of participants:
Our classes are organized for a maximum of 8 persons: the reduced number of participants will allow us to devote all our attention to every single class member.

€ 155,00 per person.



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