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THE THALASSO POOLS: Under the setting of a spectacular grotto, our five thalasso pools provide the basis of modern Thalassotherapy.

extraordinary natural resource
... to bring health and relaxation.

Tombolo Talasso Resort : THALASSOTHERAPY CENTER Tuscany - Beauty center Tuscany, TalassTHALASSOTHERAPY CENTER AND SPA
The pureness of the sea water on this part of the Tuscan coast, awarded the European “Blue Flag”, is an extraordinary natural resource which our Center exploits to bring health and relaxation to its Guests.
Thesea water utilized in the pools, showers and hydro-massage of the SPA is gathered at 900 meters from the coast and filtered with the use of modern technologies to guarantee its quality and to enhance it’s benefits.
Thalassotherapy (from the Greek “ thalassa ”, sea) is an ancient and effective method of relaxation based on the use of all marine resources: sea water, climate, seaweed, sea mud and sand. Sea water contains a variety of minerals, salts and other oligoelements fundamental for the human organism to function and generate beneficial anti-stress, relaxing and revitalizing effects.
Ancient civilizations like those of the Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans where aware of the sea's healing properties long before the development of the modern hydrothermal science and techniques now available at the Tombolo Thalasso Resort. Sea water contains sodium chloride and is also rich in other minerals like iodine, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sulphur and potassium.

The similarity between the chemical composition of sea water and that of the human body makes these elements vital to our well-being. Given the right conditions of temperature and humidity, as in our thalasso center, the human skin becomes highly osmotic and permits the interaction between sea water and plasma letting these minerals pass through the skin and reach the blood cells.
This interaction has astimulative, regenerative and cleansing effect through the elimination of toxins and improvement ofmuscle tone. While sea water is the main active ingredient, coastal climate is also an important part of Thalassotherapy.
The waves diffuse marine minerals, salts and ions into the air, which combined with a correct exposure to the sun, improve the body's metabolism and respiratory processes. Seaweed used in thalassotherapic treatments have hydrating and re-mineralizing effects and are particularly useful in anti-cellulite treatments and facial masks. Lastly, sea mud, which is a concentration of marine flora and fauna residues, is used in thalassotherapic baths and wraps or heated and applied directly to the skin to sooth pain of the muscles or the articulations.

Tombolo Talasso Resort : THALASSOTHERAPY CENTER Tuscany - Beauty center Tuscany, TalassThalassotherapy is useful in several pathologies:
Bone related illnesses
Circulation problems (hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc.)
Osteo-articular rehabilitation and post traumatic disorders (muscle atrophy, etc.)
Respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, etc.)
Skin problems (atopic dermatitis, etc.)

Furthermore, ongoing research has found other areas where Thalassotherapy is helpful such as: to increase the activity and effectiveness of the immune system; to recover a low responsiveness of hypothalamic-adrenal endocrine system; to improve sleep quality; and to fight localized inflammation of tendons, muscles and nerves.
In our Thalassotherapy Center and SPA, the revitalizing energy of the marine environment can be combined with massages, relaxation therapies, beauty treatments, light gymnastics, oriental techniques, personalized diet plans and much more to become part of a journey towards complete wellness and harmony.

Under the setting of a spectacular grotto, our five thalasso pools provide the basis of modern Thalassotherapy. Each pool contains sea water taken at 900 meters from the coast and heated at various temperatures according to each pool's specific purpose and features.
Bathing in the thalasso pools can be part of a personalized therapeuticprogramor simply a pleasant relaxing experience in an enchanting atmosphere.

Hygiene standards are rigorous: the sea water is taken from uncontaminated sources and the bacteriological level and saline content aretested through the use of sophisticated equipment and regular controls.
In addition, two outsidesea water pools (one for children) are available for sunbathing and relaxing in the garden of the Resort. Children age 3 and above can bathe in the thalasso pools. Adult surveillance is requested for children under age 12.
From 9.00 to 11.00 am every days.

The Main Pool
This pool isheated at a 29-30° C.This temperature allows the skin to better absorb the minerals anddissolve the salts in the water.
The recommended bathing time is of about 15-20 minutes and a few minutes of rest is recommended after each bath.
This pool is also ideal for soft physical exercise, rehabilitation exercises and aqua-gym sessions.

Tombolo Talasso Resort : THALASSOTHERAPY CENTER Tuscany - Beauty center Tuscany, TalassThe Hydro-massage and Shower Pool
This pool is equipped with various hydro-massages placed at various heights on both sides of the pool and with three hydro-massage beds. The pool is heated at 33-34°.
There is also a jet shower with an underwater seat. The recommended bathing time is of about 15-20 minutes and a few minutes of rest is recommended after each bath.

The Kneipp Vascular Pool
Built according to the famous method of Dr. Kneipp, this pool consists of two sea water corridors, one cold and one hot 18-33°, separated by stairs. The passage from cold to warm and back improves the blood circulation of the legs which is further stimulated by the climbing and descending of the steps between the two alleys. Furthermore, the bottom of the pool is covered with smooth rounded stonesgiving thefeet a natural plantar massage according to the original Japanese technique.

The Cross-Current Pool
In this pool at 33°, a very strong jet of water below the surface allows counter-current swimming. The underwater jet can also be used as a strong localized hydro-massage to the abdomen and buttocks.

The Emotional Pool
Set in a smaller separate grotto, this pool, heated at 35-36°, is a haven of intense relaxation.Soft colored lighting, underwater music system and the higher salinity improves the floatation and the relaxing effect. These features and the silence environment makes this pool ideal for water treatments like Aqua Experience.

THALASSOTHERAPY CENTER Tuscany - Beauty center Tuscany, Talass

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